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Buy men's desinger jeans online at loui.rocks

Men's jeans are very popular among many men because of their versatility and ease of combination. There is a wide range of different models that fit from sporty to elegant looks, as long as the right size and fit are found. Denim pants have established themselves as true all-rounders and are essential everyday wear for men. However, it is important to find the perfect denim jeans for your own body type

The history of men's jeans is marked by a change in fashion, from a cult object of rebellious youth to a symbol of the hippie movement. From once being a worker's trouser, jeans have evolved into an absolute all-rounder for everyday looks. There is now a suitable pair of jeans for every occasion, be it for a shopping trip, a Sunday stroll or even for the office. The possible combinations are just as diverse. At Loui.Rocks, thanks to the wide range of men's jeans from different designer brands, you will find the right pants for every purpose!

Varied styles of designer jeans for men

The fits of men's jeans are varied and suitable for different body types.
Slim-fit jeans are a classic among men's jeans. This tight fit accentuates your figure and is a great choice for fashion-conscious men. Slim fit jeans are made of denim and often have a stretch component, which makes them even more comfortable.

Another popular option is the skinny fit jean. This tight fit is even tighter than the slim fit jeans and is especially suitable for men with slim legs. Skinny fit jeans are an absolute must-have for any man who likes figure-hugging clothes.

For men who like it more casual, loose jeans or relaxed fit jeans are a good choice. This further fit offers more freedom of movement and is particularly comfortable. Furthermore, the Baggy Jean, which has a very wide fit, provides a casual look.

The straight leg jeans is a classic fit with a straight leg, which visually stretches the legs and provides a sleek look. These jean pants are a classic choice for men who prefer a stylish and uncomplicated look. A variation of this is the straight fit jean, which has a slightly tighter fit than the straight leg jean.

If you are looking for jeans that accentuate your shoes, you can consider a bootcut jean or a tapered fit jean. These cuts have a narrow leg and a slightly wider opening at the foot to allow room for shoes.
If you are looking for something even more extravagant, the cargo jean is just the thing for you. For men, these pants are an absolute must-have. Good style is combined here with wearing comfort and at the same time leaves room for the realization of your own style.

The wash or the so-called finishing, the after-treatment after the dyeing, can create a special look in jeans. Destroyed jeans, for example, are artificially treated to create signs of use such as worked out seat creases or abrasions on the edges and knees. Depending on how strong this used look is, the jeans can be worn for different occasions.

No matter what cut or color you choose, jeans are an essential piece of clothing for any man. Skinny, stretch, slim-fit or skinny-fit, you will find your favorite jeans for men in our assortment.

Colors for men jeans

There are a variety of colors and washes for men's jeans. Classic colors like blue, black and gray are timeless and go with many outfits. Washes like stonewashed, or acid washed create a vintage or used look, while raw denim remains untreated and shows individual signs of wear over time. Bright pastel shades or bold colors like red or green can also spice up an outfit and are especially popular in the summer. Blue jeans are also an absolute all-rounder for any outfit. The choice of color ultimately depends on personal taste and occasion.

Which jeans size is right for me?

To find the right size, you should measure the waist size and crotch length and make sure when buying that the pants are not too tight, so as not to lose their fit. In addition, jeans should not be washed after every wear, but only after four or five times of wear, in order to preserve their color and shape.

You can find a rough sizing guide here:

If you are between 160-170 cm tall, choose a jeans size between 28-30.

If you are between 170-180 cm tall, choose a jeans size between 30-32.

If you are between 180-190 cm tall, choose a jeans size between 32-34.

If you are over 190 cm tall, choose a jeans size between 36-38.

However, it is important to note that with figure-hugging models such as the slim fit jeans or stretch jeans, there may be variations in sizes.

Combination options for men jeans

Men's jeans are very versatile and can be worn for different occasions, from casual leisure activities to more formal events. For formal occasions, straight or slim fits are suitable, such as slim fit or skinny fit J. For a casual look, you can combine a loose or relaxed fit jeans with a t-shirt and sneakers. Regular fit jeans and pants are suitable for casual leisure looks as well as dressier outfits.

A pair of slim fit jeans or skinny jeans can also be perfectly combined with a shirt or jacket for a smart look. For a trendy look, you can also wear a straight leg jean with an oversized sweater and booties. Pants in a destroyed look or with the used look are especially popular to combine with oversized hoodies.

Regular fit jeans, whether with tapered leg or straight leg are perfect for everyday wear. These pants are stylish and at the same time incredibly comfortable. Stretch jeans are also suitable for everyday wear. Depending on the stretch content, the jeans fits your figure perfectly and thus provides the right look, combined with pure comfort.

Overall, there are countless ways to combine and wear men's jeans. No matter what style you prefer, it is important that you feel comfortable in your jeans and that the fit is perfect. Store around and find the perfect pair of jeans for your closet!

High quality materials and production of men's jeans

In most cases, our men's jeans are made from cotton denim, a sturdy and durable fabric that has stood the test of time. Denim is a cotton fabric that gets its signature look by weaving different yarn colors and densities. A high quality pair of denim pants can last for years and is an absolute must-have for every gentleman. In our offer you will find exclusively men's jeans made of high quality cotton. Whether skinny, stretch or regular fit, their jeans will accompany them for years and always show elegance and fashion sense.

The right wash for men's jeans

Proper care and washing of men's jeans is crucial to their durability and appearance. Incorrect washing can cause jeans to quickly wear out or lose color.

The first rule of caring for jeans is to wash them as infrequently as possible. If it is necessary, they should always be washed cold and separately from other clothes. Use a mild detergent and avoid using fabric softener.

Some jeans, especially those with a used or destroyed look, should always be hand washed or machine washed only very gently. Always read the care instructions on the label carefully to make sure you care for your jeans properly.

When drying jeans, always dry them hanging on a clothesline or hanger to prevent them from wearing out. Also, avoid using dryers, as high temperatures can damage jeans.