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Buy designer men's shirts online at loui.rocks

Men's shirts are a must-have in every man's wardrobe. They exude masculinity and ensure a stylish appearance. Whether in the office or on elegant occasions, business shirts are always a good choice.... In our online store we offer a wide selection of men's shirts in different types, cuts, colors and materials.

Business shirts for every occasion

A classic among men's shirts is the business shirt with Kent collar and button-down. Available in white or blue in regular fit or slim fit, these shirts are perfect for a formal occasion. For a more varied option, there are also plaid shirts and those with other patterns that you can wear for a smart-casual look.

Another popular type of men's shirts are flannel shirts. These are made of soft flannel and offer extra warmth on cooler days. In our store, you'll find flannel shirts in a variety of colors and designs, from plaid to solid color options. For those hot summer days, we also have a great selection of short sleeve shirts, including polo shirts and oxfords. These shirts are available in a range of colors and patterns, and can easily be paired with a tie and jacket for a smart casual look.

If you're looking for a more comfortable option, we also offer Comfort Fit and Modern Fit shirts. These shirts have a looser fit and offer more freedom of movement than regular fit or slim fit shirts. Regardless of your style and preferences, we have the right men's shirt for you. Available sizes range from small to XXL, so every man can find the perfect shirt for him.

Men's shirts in different cuts and designs

Classic shirts are straight cut and fit any body figure. Waisted models emphasize the waist, while slim-fit shirts, also known as slim-fit, are very body-hugging. There are also shirts with extra long sleeves or half sleeves for warmer days. The choice of collar shape is just as important as the cut and design of the shirt. The Kent collar is probably the best known collar and is suitable for any occasion. The shark collar is perfect for voluminous tie knots, while the tab collar is very elegant and should always be worn with a tie. The button-down collar is sporty and is often worn without a tie.

The right fit: body fit, regular fit, slim fit Shirts come in a variety of fits, from body fit to regular fit to slim fit. Each gentleman should choose the fit that is right for him to ensure that the shirt fits comfortably and pleasantly on the body. A Body Fit shirt hugs the body particularly snugly, while a Regular Fit shirt is more comfortable. Slim fit shirts are particularly modern and figure-hugging.

Care for your new favorite shirt

When caring for your shirts, it is important to carefully follow the instructions on the care label. Cotton and linen shirts can usually be ironed on low heat, while wool or silk shirts need to be handled more carefully. Avoid excessive washing and ironing to prevent fading and wear of your shirts.

Before washing the shirt, you should remove the collar stays and fold over the collar and cuffs to protect them. After washing, the shirt should be hung on a hanger and ironed with plenty of steam while it is still damp. Men's shirts come in many different designs, from solid colors to plaid or stripes to shirts with contrasting edges. Business shirts are usually tone-in-tone and look professional and stylish even with subtle patterns. New are non-iron shirts, which simplify ironing, but are not as breathable as classic shirts.

Which shirt to combine and how?

Collar, named after the Duke of Kent, is probably the most famous collar of men's shirts. The corners of the classic turn-down collar form a right angle, which draws the eye to the tie. The knot can be chosen at will and this collar suits all occasions. A modern interpretation of the collar is the small Kent, which is narrower in the web width and is becoming increasingly popular.

The shark collar is particularly well suited for voluminous tie knots such as the Windsor knot, as the collar points are spread wide. A business shirt with a shark collar fits perfectly under a business jacket and is suitable for the office. The term cutaway is commonly used for this collar shape.

The tab collar is characterized by a small fabric tab under the collar legs that pulls them together, ensuring a perfect fit without slipping. This collar looks very elegant and should always be worn with a tie. The fabric collar is closed under the tie knot with a small button or snap.

A button-down collar refers to a variant where the collar tips are buttoned to the shirt. Originally, this model comes from the sport of polo and, accordingly, is still considered sporty today. It is worn without a tie and is not always suitable for the office. However, a shirt with a button-down collar can be wonderfully combined with a cashmere sweater.

Discover your new favorite shirt in our assortment.

We are happy to advise you on the right fit, the best material and the perfect combination for any occasion. Whether you are looking for a business shirt, a flannel shirt or a casual shirt - we have the right shirt for every man in our online store available in different sizes. Combine your shirt with a jacket or wear it casually with a tie and jeans. Discover the large selection of men's shirts now and find your new favorite shirt in the online store - an absolute must-have for every gentleman!