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Stefan Brandt products are for people who recognize true luxury in the finest craftsmanship and who are looking for uncompromising quality, clean lines and timeless shapes. For women and men who are looking for the most beautiful things in life, with love for an unobtrusive and subtle vision of luxury.

Stefan Brandt - Great passion for fashion

Stefan Brandt, who actually studied physics but always had a great passion for fashion, managed to take the innovative process of cotton production to a whole new level. In 1992, he founded his own jersey production facility, where he focused entirely on developing new process techniques. Until now, no other label has managed to process cotton jersey to such a high quality and down to the smallest detail as Stefan Brandt.
Retailers in the fashion industry are also enthusiastic about the material and convinced that Stefan Brandt has created a whole new unique wearing experience, which has definitely changed the fashion industry.

High-quality luxury

The vision Stefan Brandt pursued from the beginning was to create a product that exudes perfection from design to manufacturing. And that is exactly what his customers love - high-end luxury that is reflected in the design, the quality of the material and the process technology. The wearers are thrilled by the quality and the timeless design. At the same time, every collection by Stefan Brandt impresses with its super-soft feel.

Discover now online and in our store in Essen Bredeney the almost unattainable quality of cotton of the label Stefan Brandt. Let Stefan Brandt convince you. We promise you: you won't want to take the clothes off again.

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